Our Team


Helping you find life's purpose.

My philosophy is simple. In order to have better relationships in all areas of your life, you first start with understanding your blueprint and what makes you tick. We are all energy and each person on the planet vibrates at a certain frequency from a quantum mechanics level. Once we understand your blueprint as well as your behavior patterns, we can begin to uncover why you are here and what your purpose is.

Our Team

Robert Schantz is an expert in the study of Human Behavior and Communication. He assists people in having healthier relationships with friends, family, co-workers and most importantly in their love life. He provides these insights using a unique combination of the DiSC behavioral profile, ancient & contemporary data utilizing Pythagorean numerology, enneagram personality profiles, love needs and desires, plus the resources of over 30 years in as a business leader in sales, marketing and the real estate industry.

He’s known for providing life-changing answers, quick practical coaching, and deep spiritual wisdom to people everywhere. As a relationship expert, Robert is someone who understands human needs, desires and motivation within the context of the way we feel, interact, connect and behave with ourselves and others. He is someone who has the solution, techniques and strategies to achieve the desired outcomes in any relationship.

In short, Robert helps people have healthier relationships romantically, personally and professionally.