Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple. In order to have better relationships in all areas of your life, you first start with understanding your blueprint and what makes you tick. We are all energy and each person on the planet vibrates at a certain frequency from a quantum mechanics level. Once we understand your blueprint as well as your behavior patterns, we can begin to uncover why you are here and what your purpose is. From there, we can begin to chart a path forward for you as you continue on your journey with purpose and passion with breakthroughs and results in your overall communication in both your personal and professional relationships.


Hello, I’m Robert. The Creator of Human Behavior Specialists!!

I’m a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Mental Emotional Release MER and Hypnotherapy. I am an expert in the study of Human Behavior and Communication. I love to assist people in having healthier relationships with friends, family, co-workers and most importantly in their love life. I provide these insights using a unique combination of the DiSC behavioral profile, ancient & contemporary data utilizing Pythagorean numerology, enneagram personality profiles, love needs and desires, plus the resources of over 30 years in as a business leader in sales, marketing and the real estate industry.

What makes me different?

I have helped transform the lives of business professionals for decades. But I also have a spiritual side that says we are all LOVE.

This is how I approach my practice of working with people to better themselves and unlock their true potential. Through years of coaching, I have discovered that people are doing the best they can in any given moment but also carry with them trauma that may have occurred in their life and they live out their lives in that framework from what happened to them. It is key to understanding this trauma to help people let go of the past and move towards a more rewarding and fulfilling lives. This is really living at its best once you are able to overcome and understand all of those life experiences that are buried deep in your subconscious as these experiences are what is truly driving the bus. I’ve devoted much of the second act of my life to wellness and peace. My journey began in therapy after I made a complete mess of my life. It was then that I decided that I wanted to change. I no longer wanted to carry the weight of the burdens of childhood and young adulthood. It was then..that I made the decision to change. As I began my coaching practice decades ago, and as I coached people through their lives, I also began to heal myself. It was then that I realized that my journey was to be a person that was put on this earth to help and empower others. By doing so, I also empowered myself. This is what it means to be living an authentic life. These experiences have given me access to a level of empathy and insight that I bring to all the healing work I do.

My mission is simple.

I provide life-changing answers, quick practical coaching, and deep spiritual wisdom to people everywhere. As a relationship expert, I am someone who understands human needs, desires and motivation within the context of the way we feel, interact, connect and behave with ourselves and others. I help provide the solutions, techniques and strategies to achieve the desired outcomes in any relationship.

In short, I help people have healthier relationships romantically, personally and professionally.