Create More Love.

Unique within each of us, is a specific purpose for our existence. Every one of us has a calling while we are here in this physical form. All too often, we might lose sight of that purpose because we let life and all its drama we encounter every day get in our way.

Our world is shaped by our thoughts, beliefs and actions that each one of us take as we continue on our journey. If frustration sets in and what you want to happen doesn’t, it is probably because we forget that in order to change our external worlds, then we need to look at what is going on internally. Most people tend to be very negative towards themselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

Once you begin to love yourself and not judge yourself, as well as see your own imperfection, then you will be able to see this in others. The more you love yourself, the more love you will have for others. The more that you begin to love yourself wholly and completely, warts and all, the more love you will be able to give to others. It is virtually impossible to give what you do not have. So it is vital that self love take place so that you are able to give more of it out into the world.

What we think about, we bring about. Like energies attract like energies. The best way to bring forth all the love you desire into your world is to start loving yourself more and more and more. By doing so, you will begin an avalanche of love coming in your direction. This avalanche of love will then reinforce your belief about yourself and let you live a love filled life.

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